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Many people do not know about how prominent child slave labor is in today's society. Small children and adolescents are carrying out these horrific lifestyles all over the world. Our purpose is to inform people who may not be familiar with the extent of child slave labor or even know that it exists.

We try to include small details that consumers may not recognize when purchasing items so that the way of life for these unfortunate children is not supported any further. It is up to you to decide whether or not you will continue to purchase the items made by children under such terrible conditions. The most we can do is keep everyone aware of the severity of child slave labor and hope that people will make the sacrifice to support other companies that honestly manufacture their products.

The students and faculty of Immaculata High School are very concerned about the problem of child slave labor. Each year, the senior U.S. History II Honors class, taught by Miss Joann Fantina, publishes numerous newsletters throughout the year covering many aspects of child slave labor. A new group of students takes over the project each year as the previous class graduates. It is a common interest among the students and is continued enthusiastically year after year.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope that you find it interesting and informative.

Available online at http://ihscslnews.org/

Immaculata Child Slave Labor News
Immaculata High School, Somerville, NJ

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